2048 Part 1 Resources

2048 Part 1 Resources

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2048 Part 1 Resources

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I started my programming journey a little over 15 years ago when I decided to give C++ a try. I've been hooked every since. I've had the pleasure of learning a variety of programming languages. For the last 5 or so years I've focused on C# and Unity for game development.


Chinmay anand

January 27, 2020 at 9:12 pm

hey, thank you for all your work and efforts. and i have a request for you, would you please like to complete those all series on your youtube channel. i know that you might be busy but please make some time to grow your youtube and our knowledge as well.
i and so many like me are waiting for your game dev tutorials so please complete them or make some new.
thank you so much. i hope that you will reply by making some cool stuff.
Thank you, Chinmay anand.

    Chris Fletcher

    February 21, 2020 at 11:15 am

    Hi thanks for the kind words. Completing the other series is definitely on my todo list. I’m doing my best to grow my channel as much as I can but like I always say, I have a full time job that demands a lot of my time and a full time family so there has to be a balance. I’d love nothing more than to make programming tutorials full time but my channel is nowhere near big enough for that. My goal at the moment is to create 1 new video every week until I can find some more time somewhere 🙂

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