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Hey guys…

First things first, I apologize for having the site down as long as it was. I know its been frustrating for a lot of you to not be able to download the assets to the video tutorials so I apologize for my extended absence.

What happened? My family and I just moved over 2000 miles away to a new home. The server that was being used to host this and some of my other sites was connected at my old house. So naturally during the move I had to disconnect the server and it was in the back of the uHaul for a while. After that it was under some boxes for a while and then I lost track of it because things just kept coming up.

This weekend I decided it was time to dedicate the day to getting this server back up so that’s what I did. The result… You are reading this post or you’re downloading some assets.. Either way, the server is back online and is here to stay.

There were concerns that I was going to stop making videos and stop hosting assets, that’s not happening. It will be a little while before I release some new content but it is coming.

Thank you all for your support..

-The Weekly Coder.

Tetris Source Code Bundle

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After much deliberation, I’ve decided to put the source code for the Tetris clone tutorials on the website to purchase and download. I’ve been going back and forth with wanting to list it for free and charging for it. So here’s the deal, I make these tutorials on YouTube in my spare time. I don’t get paid to do these but there seems to be enough demand to keep me busy for years to come. I would love to continue doing these tutorials but they are taking up a lot of time. So here’s why I am charging for the source code. I’m not doing it to be mean or greedy, I’m doing it to justify continuing to create awesome tutorials.

If you don’t want to pay for the source code, feel free to watch the tutorials on YouTube for free, they will walk you through creating everything that is in the source code bundle. The bundle is a little nicer because it includes updated graphics and has an updated code base that works with the latest version of Unity.

One more thing, If you want, you can find a coupon code on the WeeklyCoder YouTube channel which will give you a 20% off discount, because I’m a nice guy.

Here’s the link to purchase the source code. http://weeklycoder.com/product/tetris-clone-bundle/

Pong Clone Using Unity 5.5 Tutorial

New tutorial on the Weekly Coder Channel. Check it out. Assets are available for download below.

Pac-Man Clone using Unity 5.5 Video Tutorial

So I’ve decided to start a new tutorial series on how to create a Pac-Man Clone in Unity 5.5. The tutorial like all others can be viewed on the Weekly Coder YouTube channel. You can click the link below to watch.

Be sure to stop by weekly for new videos in the series.


Below are the assets available for download.

UITableView scroll to new row only when at the end of table.

Category : Objective-C , XCode

[tldr: code at bottom]

Let me explain the title. I wanted to have a UITableView that adds new rows, and also scrolls to the new row that just got inserted.

But theres the annoying that if you’re viewing older rows in the middle of the tableview, you don’t want the tableview to scroll you away from that when it adds a new row.

I created this method that only scrolls to the newly added row, when you’re at the end of the tableview, so if you’re viewing some data in the middle of the tableview, it won’t scroll you away from it. This works with both single-section and multi-section tableviews as well. Explanation in the code comments. It’s pretty simple actually.

It’s also useful for anyone looking for how to make the table scroll when adding a new row, regardless of where you are in the tableview.

Enjoy, this is coming straight from a new game project I’m working on.

As always, comments and questions are welcome.

The New AppleTV Siri Remote In-Game Artwork

So I’ve been working on a game to release to the new AppleTV store and found myself needing some artwork. To be more specific, I needed an image of the new Siri Remote so that I could label the buttons for the players.

In fear of my app being rejected for using any of Apple’s own artwork, I created my own drawing to represent the new Siri remote for the AppleTV.

Please feel free to use this however you like. There are 2 attachments. One is a PNG and the other is PSD.

New Apple Siri Remote PSD

New Apple Siri Remote PNG

Unity Shader for a Scanlines Effect

Category : Full Script , Shader , Unity

Here’s a great shader I found for giving a material scanlines. It creates a very cool retro tv effect. Forgive me I don’t have a source link, I couldn’t find it again. So a special thanks to whoever did write it, if you’re out there, leave a comment or if anyone finds the original link, it was part of a Unity Answers thread, post a comment. Anyway, here’s the shader, use it, enjoy!



Unity Shader Alpha Blended With Color

Category : Full Script , Shader , Unity

Here’s a shader we wrote to add the color property to the Unity Alpha Blended Shader under Mobile/Particles/Alpha Blended.


Make a Circle using LineRenderer in Unity

Great little script for Unity that makes a LineRenderer component shape into a circle or ellipse, given the number of line segments along with x and y radius.

Script by MarkPixel. Original thread here. Full Script Below.

Read More

Getting Audiosource info and data in Unity

Earlier today I stumbled upon a perfect little script for extracting audio data from an audiosource component in unity. It does all the calculation for getting the RMS value, the decibels, and frequency.

This script can easily be applied to make things behave to the music being played in the Audiosource component. Like making an object bounce or move back and forth with the music.

Thanks to Aldonaletto from this Unity Answers post for making this one and explaining it so well. Script below.

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