Category: 3D

Category: 3D

If you didn’t read part 1, and want to get background on sine waves for game development. Click Here (PART 1).

If you did read it, or don’t care, please continue.

Last time it was all about the basic sine function and how to make game objects move in the shape of a sine wave. This time let’s take it a step further. I’m going to show you a few more practical applications of sine waves, that isn’t limited to just moving objects.


I think I used the word oscillate more than 6 times in the last post, but it’s the essence of sine waves. This post isn’t going to be too long, since I think you’ll catch on quick if you haven’t already. Basically what I’m telling you, is that if you want anything to smoothly move back and forth (oscillate) between two states, values, locations, etc, USE THE SINE FUNCTION.

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