Month: June 2018

Month: June 2018

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Hey guys…

First things first, I apologize for having the site down as long as it was. I know its been frustrating for a lot of you to not be able to download the assets to the video tutorials so I apologize for my extended absence.

What happened? My family and I just moved over 2000 miles away to a new home. The server that was being used to host this and some of my other sites was connected at my old house. So naturally during the move I had to disconnect the server and it was in the back of the uHaul for a while. After that it was under some boxes for a while and then I lost track of it because things just kept coming up.

This weekend I decided it was time to dedicate the day to getting this server back up so that’s what I did. The result… You are reading this post or you’re downloading some assets.. Either way, the server is back online and is here to stay.

There were concerns that I was going to stop making videos and stop hosting assets, that’s not happening. It will be a little while before I release some new content but it is coming.

Thank you all for your support..

-The Weekly Coder.

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